A. PS – build to a 1RM

100 lbs



Time:  7:36

I did not feel good this morning. I ate crappy food last night and payed for it this morning during training. PS felt ok. Nothing new there. Diane on the other hand was a big disappointment.  Felt nauseous just being upside down and  DL felt extra heavy.


8/29 – TESTING

A. Clean – build to a 1RM (video)

150 lbs

B. Close Grip Bench Press (16″) – build to a 1RM

120 lbs

C. 1 RM wtd. chin up

45lbs  (PR)


for time:

30 clean (77%) @ 115LBS

Time:  4:36

Good energy level and many great hours of sleep …having Friday off at work helps a lot.

8/29 – TESTING

8/26 – Testing

BS – build to a max

195 lbs


10 rounds for time:
500m row
10 burpees over erg


PM training, good energy level. – BS: Focus was on depth this time around. Low enough?  –  Row + burpees killer combo: This was brutal. I started very slow with the goal of being able to maintain pace …it did not work. I was breathing hard and got pretty nauseous half way through. I would have skipped this work out on any given day.


8/26 – Testing

8/25 – Testing

A.Power clean – build to a max (video)

 140 lbs

rest 5 min

B. 77% of part A – 30 reps for time (video)
110 lbs

3:34 *** realized I miscounted the reps. Ended it up doing 32 reps. 30th was finished at 3:34

rest 20 min

C. Row 500 m, rest 90 sec x 2 – strategize to get the best score for 1K possible


Definitely not a PC day. 145lbs felt really heavy and awkward so I decided to stop there.  30 reps for time is always challenging but thought it would have taken me longer. Row:  I have short legs…..unfair. Eric had a smirk on his face when I told him my 500 meter PR was 2:03 ..jerk.  I think that motivated me more than anything.


8/25 – Testing


A. HPC (from blocks, bar at just above knee); 3,3,3,2,2,2; rest 2-3 min
105, 115, 115, 120, 120, 125, 130

B. Clean RDL @32X1; 3-5 x 5; rest 2 min

100, 135, 155, 165, 175

C1. Prone row cluster; 5.5.5 x 3; rest 30 sec

C2. Swiss ball DB bench press; 8-10 x 3; rest 2 min  *Mod to bench DB press
20, 25, 30


3 sets for time:

Row 20 cals
20 push ups
10 strict TTB
rest walk 3 min
– consistent times per set

Time: 10:12

It took me forever to get through today’s training. So many people and so much noise this morning……….need to get my butt out of bed earlier.  Clean RDL:  Eric mentioned too much bend of the knees….need to watch out for that. Prone row cluster: Need to check with Mike if I did the right movement.  http://www.armyprt.com/preparation_and_recovery/prone-row.shtml